Hi...Barbara Paulsen here. I'm the host and producer of Midway, a show about midlife transitions. I also create stories for other podcasts and radio shows—like this piece called "Pick Your Poison" for Outside/In, a New Hampshire Public Radio show about the natural world and how we use it. Or this one on hormones for The Pulse, a show about science produced by WHYY in Philadelphia. I am a proud graduate of the 2016 Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole on Cape Cod. While working at this apprenticeship with public radio station WCAI, I produced stories on a fado singer and on the Lizzie Borden murders of Fall River. Before making the switch to radio, I worked  for 11 years as the story development editor at National Geographic, where I oversaw environmental, geopolitical, and culture stories. I produced award-winning special issues and stories on sustainable food, water scarcity, conflict minerals, climate change, population issues, child brides, and threats to indigenous people. Before that, I was the editor-in-chief of Time Inc’s Health magazine in San Francisco for six years. I've written for National Geographic, the New York Times, Oprah, Discover, and Texas Monthly.